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About Tulip Events CEO

ABT Events is a new organization, established in 2018.

We possess experienced venue seeking staff that are also bankers and qualified to broke business into Lloyds and other insurance markets. This puts us in a unique position of assimilating specific groups and speakers, within appropriate venues, covering topical subjects in the banking, insurance and accounting industries.

We have been active within counties in East and Western Europe, Asia (eastern, south-eastern, southern and western), the Russian Federation, Central and South America, USA and South Africa.

What We Do

ABT Events specializes in choosing the right venue, formulating a tailor made programme which covers topical and up to date subjects in the international banking and insurance industries. We appreciate the necessity to work within a managed budget and we strive to achieve the appropriate mix of participants. We maximize the lead up to the event by utilizing appropriate social media, networking and paid advertisements networks in all our promotional activities.

ABT Events works extensively with industries and organizations as:

Banking and Insurance Institutions

Financial Institutions

Automobile and Motor Industries

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Transport industry

Manufacturing Industries

What We Do


Contact Us

34 Stradella Road, London, SE24 9HA

+44 7970176708